yanou (yhancik) wrote,


François Feldman - Can you feel it

French disco-funk.
With afro haircut and purple glittler

Cerrone - Panic

Avec la première apparition à l'écran de Mimie Mathy !

Ballad of Black Mesa

Half-Life 2 + iPod ads style + concrete music
it's nerd-o-dance

Flight404 - Trentemoller strikes again
Show media Loading...
really, see more there : http://vimeo.com/user:flight404/tag:magnetosphere

A kind of showreel of all the "screens contents" (news, ads, propaganda computers) from Children of Men made by Foreignoffice.com.
(+ King Crimson <3)
I love dystopia, but i haven't seen the movie. Is it any good ?

Ain't it ?
Tags: blackmesa, cerrone, childrenofmen, flight404, françoisfeldman, magnetosphere, videos

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