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This post might be about bad music, SO BEWARE!

They made a .. japanese eurodance (uh?) cover of Aneka's one hit "Japanese Boy".

How charming 80s crap turns into spiritless 00s crap.
(but maybe that, in 2020, we'll find it as charming, who knows)

The original, for reference :

It's sure that the Shanadoo girls look.. more authentically japanese than Aneka the Scottish.

That reminds me of that zubtle 00s remix of Club Tropicana by Vynilshakerz

The disappearance of the moustached cow-boy might denote a slight shift of... interests since Wham's original video. But I'll leave this to your own interpretation.

While we're at it, have you heard Ashley Tisdale covering Rick Astley ?

Yeah, I couldn't believe it either...

If you got to this point, I guess you can as well listen to some Rihanna.
I know someone in my friendlist will really appreciate it ;) But go ahead, there's a surprise!


For those last two, you have to wonder... did they just ingenuously reuse a piece of pop culture, or are they exploiting the rising power of the memesphere already ?

And finally what some will regard as a coup de grâce - they might be right but they might be wrong -
Solange, sister of Beyoncé, with This Bird :

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