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As I was watching the delicious video of Kid606's Mr. Wobble's Nightmare, a name caught my eyes in the related videos : L-Vis 1990.

The videos I clicked on were as ludicrous and 1990 as the name would suggest.

It's even more ridiculous, and is even more devoid of finesse than Motor's latest album.
And I can't help listening to it :p

The guy also made a couple of remixes that sound very... neo-Underworld/Chemical Brothers.


Let's raise the level with a couple of gems from Clone Records' Soundcloud

They're obviously starting a new series, Clone Crown Limited, and while I'm not sure I approve the limited nature of those releases, it DOES sound sooooooooo good!

I think "funk" is the keyword, here.

CCrown01 : Jellphonic Ft Zacky Force Funk - 100 Snakes
With the eponymous track:

CCrown02 : Zacky Force Funk & Kutmah - Fukk
With "The Split":

Which is actually based on Legowelt's cover of John Carpenter's Arrival at the Library (from the Escape from New-York OST, thanks kant312).

CCrown03 : Reggie Blount - Hard Times EP
With "You keep checkin me". Ohhh those vocoders <3

Hey, with that and the latest Autechre album, the 2010s are starting pretty well :D


And on a very very very very very different note, I'm finally catching up with the 2000s too.
Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls, Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls
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